The Ceylon Riding Club

The Ceylon Riding Club is the only internationally run Classical horse riding school in Sri Lanka

Group Values


Of people and horses. Through our programmes and outreach, we operate to promote the health and well-being of our clients and animals; plus, we deliver and contribute to outreach programmes to improve the lives of people and equines in Sri Lanka.


We put education at the heart of everything we do. through creating career paths in equine-related skills , teaching, training, and coaching in horsemanship, education, and awareness on special needs, mental health, animal welfare and husbandry, and equine-therapy.

Safety & the Environment

We take our responsibility to the public, our staff, our clients, our horses, and the environment very seriously. We operate under international safety and environmental protocols.

Professionalism & Ethics

We operate at the highest levels of ethics and integrity and in accordance with our values.

Dreams Come True