Tara came to us almost ten years ago; she is brown with a white star, 18 years-old and 15 hands high. She is what is known as an OTTB, an off-the track thoroughbred horse. She is originally from India and has had various racing names including "Money mantra" and "Lexus" – to us she is "Tara" and the grand dame of the riding school. Many of our young riders have learned with Tara, who was famous for charging off with her rider, back in her younger days. She is a "school teacher", the perfect horse for a junior rider to progress to after the ponies, as she will teach you everything you need to know, especially assertiveness. If you are not assertive with her she will take you wherever she wants, or just walk over and stand by the gate. She is smart and sensitive. A big favorite with the young riders.


Is a six-year-old Sindhi mare, she is black with a white star and 15:2 hands high. We have had her from the age of two years-old. She is a beautiful horse to learn basic dressage and for adults and teenagers to ride. She is calm and sometimes stubborn and playful. She likes to let other horses out of their stables by opening the door. Anything left in her reach becomes a plaything – especially her feedbucket that she like to throw around making a big noise.


Christmas is around six years-old and is Valentina’s half-sister. Also a Sindhi mare, she is an appaloosa- which is a spotted brown and white with a chestnut mane and black rings around her eyes. She is about 5:1 hands high; smaller than Valentina but broader and strong. She came to us recently with little experience of being ridden and is learning how to carry herself in balance and is a fast and eager learner.


Evie is another of the Sindhi sisters. She is speckled grey/brown and lovely and calm and wide. She is the perfect horse for an adult beginner rider. She is around 15:3 hands high with a white face and white socks.

Jaffa Cake (Jaffa)

Jaffa Cake is around six years old and 13 hands high. She is a chestnut-coloured half-breed pony with a white blaze and a golden-coloured mane. She came to us afraid of humans and still is quite protective in her stable. She is a lovely riding pony for small adults and children and she enjoys jumping.

Golden Girl (Goldie) and Ginger (Ginnie)

Goldie and Ginnie are mother and daughter, both Strawberry roans and difficult to tell apart. Goldie has a white star and is slightly taller, but they are both around 13 hands high. Both love jumping and are fantastic learning ponies for lightweight adults, children and teenagers. They are fun to ride and energetic but rarely naughty.


Despite the fact he had hardly had any training, Robin quickly became one of our most popular riding ponies. He is a handsome bay with a white star and white socks. Many of our adult and junior riders have fallen in love with Robin and asked to take him home. He is fun, fast and playful. His best friend is Jeffrey and together, they get into all sorts of mischief.


Jeffrey’s story started when we were told of a starving pony abandoned at Pitta Kotte. When we picked him up and brought him to the stables, we hardly expected him to live through the next 24 hours. His coat was matted and his ribs were showing. He had sores all over his little body. We nurtured him back to health, one day at a time with the help of our volunteer, Beth. He is now the life and soul of the stables, chubby, cheeky and full of fun. We recently discovered that he loves to jump and when he is not teaching our pony club riders, he is galloping full pelt around the garden, climbing through the fences and chasing the dogs.

Storm and Poppy

Storm was one of our first ponies, a beautiful dapple grey, picture book pony, that taught many of our young riders who have now moved on to ride horses. She is now around ten years old and white in colour. She loves to run and chase the other ponies and her best friend is Tallula. Poppy is Storm’s little girl, still a baby and very naughty, she thinks she is the boss of all the ponies and the dogs and cats. She has no fear and will be a very important part of the riding club, when she is big enough to begin her schooling. She is very close to her dad, Robin, and shares his good looks.


Tallula and her mum, Lady were our first ponies at the riding school. Lady is now retired and Tallula took some time off during the lockdown years, but she will come with us to Port City as a lead-rein pony and will share a stable with her best friend Storm. Tallula is famous for breaking into the vegetable garden, the feed room and even the house on occasion. She can be moody with the bigger horses, but she loves Storm and is a fantastic pony for young or nervous child riders.